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The Law Offices of Bradley J. Frigon can help you navigate the complex issues surrounding guardianships, conservatorships, and other protective orders. We can help you seek a guardianship or conservatorship, defend against a guardianship or conservatorship, represent you in your role as guardian or conservator or handle the transfer of guardianship to the state of Colorado.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

As is often the case, people have not planned for illness or incapacity by executing powers of attorney and advanced directives. If the person becomes too ill or is no longer competent to manage his or her affairs, and has not completed planning, then a guardianship or conservatorship will be necessary. Our attorneys can help family members, or other interested persons, in securing a guardianship or conservatorship for their loved ones in court. Because you are asking the court to take away fundamental rights to make decisions for the person you wish to protect, there are high burdens and strict requirements for these kinds of proceedings. Our expertise in seeking guardianships and conservatorships can also help us defend you in such a proceeding if you believe that it is not appropriate for your situation.

Transfer of Guardianship

If the individual under a guardianship lives in the state of Colorado the guardianship must be granted by a Colorado Court.  We handle the transfer of guardianship from other states to the state of Colorado.  As with obtaining guardianships, the court mandates that strict requirements are met prior to approval of an out of state guardianship transfer to Colorado.  To ensure the ward is in compliance for state requirements and public benefits requirements, call our office for assistance.

Lawyers for Conservatorship and Legal Guardianships

Representation of the Guardian or Conservator

As the guardian or conservator, you are charged with special duties to care for the protected person's affairs by the court. If someone challenges your actions as a guardian or conservator your job becomes more complicated. In addition, Colorado passed new laws in the 2008 session permitting a court to surcharge a guardian or conservator for a breach or his or her duties and to levy fines and sanctions and require the fiduciary to pay the other side's attorney fees. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in your next steps, including defense in court if required.


If you are seeking a guardianship or conservatorship, need to defend against a guardianship or conservatorship, or need representation as a guardian or conservator, contact our firm to learn how we can help. Additionally, we offer a complete range of estate planning services including wills, powers of attorney, and advanced directives. Having a will and comprehensive estate plan is the first step toward ensuring that a contest will not arise after your death. Please see our other practice area pages for more information regarding this type of planning.

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Bradley J. Frigon is a Denver Estate Lawyer Firm in Colorado. Our main offerings include: Elder Law Lawyers for protecting assets and an Estate Planning Attorney for all aspects of wills, trusts and estate administration.

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