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The Law Offices of Bradley J. Frigon can help you with your corporation or small business regardless of where you are in the business lifecycle. Our services cover incorporation and formation issues, ongoing contracts and operational issues, dispute resolution, and windup and termination issues.

Business Entity Formation

There is far more to creating a business entity than filing a one-page form with the Secretary of State's office, but that's where many people stop. It is critical to select the proper entity for your business, whether that is an LLC, LLP, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, or professional entity. Not only must the entity be created, but the other documents that make up the "internal law" of your entity must be completed. This helps ensure that you receive the full benefit of protections available under the law and that you won't be held personally liable for the actions of your company or employees. Failing to properly complete the governing corporate documents, or to observe the corporate formalities, can lead to catastrophic results, including expensive lawsuits and personal liability.

Contracts and Operations

Many business people do not use written contracts and assume that there is no contract in place. However, oral contracts are easily established and are enforceable. However, the terms and conditions of the contract come down to who said what and what version of events a court believes. We can help you negotiate contracts or reduce those contracts to the terms the parties intend. We also serve as outside counsel, advising the small business on legal issues that arise in day to day operations.

Small Business and Corporate Attorney

Dispute Resolution

At some point or another most business face decisions with regard to disputes. Either another company owes you money or a customer or client makes demands or files suit. Our attorneys are ready to help you resolve these issues, whether through settlement or litigation.

Wind Down and Termination Issues

If your company has been actively doing business you can't simply close the doors and walk away. There are numerous responsibilities that arise during the wind down and termination of a company that must be addressed. This may include paying vendors or creditors, and properly distributing corporate assets according to corporate law, operating documents, or other sources of internal or external law. It is important to properly complete these steps because a failure to do so could result in personal liability.


Whether you are just starting a business, want to bring your business to a more formal level, are involved in disputes, or need to wind up a company, we can help. Contact us today for an evaluation by one of our attorneys.

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Bradley J. Frigon is a Denver Estate Lawyer Firm in Colorado. Our main offerings include: Elder Law Lawyers for protecting assets and an Estate Planning Attorney for all aspects of wills, trusts and estate administration.

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